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Project Description
This project is the modification of the SharePoint 2010 v4.master template to support the HTML5 features in advanced browsers.   It will provide a WSP package of the solutions with source to allow modification and deployment of a customized masterpage supporting HTML5.

This project is developed as a Sandbox solution so that it is compatible with SharePoint Online and other Tenant SharePoint Services.

The project and solution is a product of an ongoing blog post regarding the integration of HTML5 and CSS3 with SharePoint 2010.   You can visit the blog here for more information about the project and how to use the code and solution -- SharePoint 2010, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery & The JavaScript Client Object Model.   Detailed instructions are given on how to create your own HTML5 ready masterpage.   This solution grew out of numerous requests to post the code to help readers more quickly start using the HTML5 and CSS3 features without having to create the solution package or upload and manually edit the files.   The masterpage deployed in this solution is a modification of the full v4.master.   It includes the feature for toggling the left navigation panel (SharePoint 2010 : Toggling the Left Navigation Bar with jQuery) and the JavaScript modifications to prevent the toggle button from appearing on the SharePoint dialog screens.   If you like to learn more about the package, please review the posts.   In future posts, we will be adding additional features and updating this package.

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